A New Chapter To Start With Bangladesh: PM Modi

Today in Delhi PM Narendra Modi and Bangladeshi counterpart Sheikh Hasina met, signed 22 agreements including 500 million dollar line of credit to Dhaka for purchase of Military hardware. It is the first agreement tied between the two countries. For Bangladesh infrastructure project India extended another 4.5 billion dollars. Over last few year India extended the total line of credit of about 8 billion dollars.

Teesta water haring treaty has no pact, for Dhaka it is a big disappointment in particular. Though Mamata Banerjee is opposed to it. Teesta River run from Bengal to Bangladesh, and treaty will allow 50-50 water sharing during the season.

PM Modi said in a statement to the media that ‘I am very happy that Chief Minister of West Bengal is my guest today. Her feeling for Bangladesh as warm as my own. I assure you and people of Bangladesh of our continuing efforts on Teesta. It's only my government and your government that can and will find an early solution to Teesta water sharing issue.’

"I hope we get India's support in resolving all issues expeditiously." Said by the PM Hasina with reference to Teesta treaty.

PM Modi said, that both the Countries Economic issues have to go through together. Along with the other neighbouring countries, Modi talked about the supply of electricity with the neighbouring countries.

PM Modi also stated that through this the new chapter is started with Bangladesh, PM Modi also stated that ‘we always wanted Bangladesh’s prosperity and it is important to have good relations with both the countries and fight against terrorism'.

Narendra Modi and Sheikh Hasina have also discussed about terrorism in detail, PM Modi said, "We have the greatest admiration for PM Hasina for her firm resolve in dealing with terrorism. Her government has zero tolerance towards terrorism which is an inspiration."

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