New Born Started Walking After Birth, Video Trending and Getting Views

New Born baby’s video is getting viral on social media platform because it shows a new born baby walking ‘moments’ after getting birth. The video of 41 seconds was posted on Facebook, the small clip had already crossed over 68 million views. It has been shared on social media around 1.5 million times and had collected over 325,000 reactions.


The video shows a nurse and a new born, where new born is supported by nurse and new born is lifting one foot and then other.


The un-clear video was posted by Arlete Arantes on Facebook from Brazil.


Isto é incrível nenê sai caminhando após acabar de nascer.

Posted by Arlete Arantes on Thursday, May 25, 2017


So what’s there actually in video?


University of Rochester Medical Center said, “The walking is not a miracle but a natural reflex of new born.”


This reflex is called “stepping reflex” it is also called walking or dancing reflex because the baby appears to take steps or dance when held in upright position. The reflex lasts until the new born is about months old. It help babies in developing and surviving.


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