Nawaz Sharif Gets Breather By Supreme Court In Imran Khan Case: 10 Facts

Nawaz Sharif Pakistan Prime Minister, is been named for ‘Panama Papers’ leak, have not to step down. Today the Supreme Court held off a decision for a joint Investigation into the charges of corruption against Nawaz Sharif. The wrongdoing is been denied by Nawaz Shairf, 67, but late last year the Supreme Court has agreed to investigate his family’s offshore wealth, as Imran Khan Opposition party leader has threatened street protest

Here are the 10 points for the story:-

- A probe by a Joint Investigation team is been ordered by The Supreme Court, within 60 days the report has to be submitted.

- If Nawaz Sharif is disqualified, the party will be in power. But there will be a cause intense turmoil is a move at a time when Pakistan is in the problematic relations with Indian and its civilian Government. Next year general election may held.

- Last year for the so called Panama Papers the controversy erupted with the publications, about 11.5 Million secret documents from Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca which reported the offshore dealings of many of the world’s powerful and rich.

- Out of four children of Nawaz Sharif Three of them were amongst the global elite implicated, His daughter and his two sons.

- Through family Business in Pakistan and the Gulf, the ruling party PML-N insists the wealth under the review was acquired legally.

- It is the Third term for Nawaz Sharif as a Prime Minister as the first two were interrupted by interventions from the country’s powerful military.

- Imran Khan ked a month protest which paralysed the government quarter in the capital, in 2014. After rejecting Nawaz Sharif’s election win a year earlier.

-  The Nawaz Sharf’s family to purchase several high-end London properties as to the heart of the matter is the legitimacy of funds.

- Pakistan cricketer turned politician Imran Khan lawyers argue the trial of paper for the funds in non-existent, and said that the onus is on Nawaz Sharif as to prove his family member to not to engage in money laundering.

- Nawaz Shareef and Prime Minister Narendra Modi enjoy a good rapport, but the relation between India and Pakistan have drop on their worst in decades on account of a series of deadly attacks by Terrorists of Pakistan on Indian Army Base. Pakistan is also been blamed by India for inciting civilian unrest at Kashmir, which is seen on a daily basis and violent demonstrations against security forces.

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