Navjot Singh Sidhu Explained Why Arvind Kejriwal lost In Punjab Elections

Navjot Singh Sidhu today in a press conference, while celebrating the victory shared the credit with Congress Party President Rahul Gandhi,  Captain Amarinder Singh and Priyanka gandhi,  and in a very enthusiastic manner shared a quote dedicated to Sonia Gandhi, " I promise to Sonia Gandhi that we will sacrifice anything to restore the glory of Punjab".

The Cricketer-turned Politician who has also served television says very proudly about his achievements so far by adding,"I always wanted to serve humanity and country people, as a Cricketer I have served Indian team which was a great pleasure and by being on television for more then 20 years, it a achievement and now into politics i will serve the people of Punjab and continued that the Punjab elections are battle and "Congress's identity and its Pagdi(honour)" - while touching his own bright yellow turban.

The Congress is all ready to serve Punjab and it's in majority now to form Government.

After quitting BJP,  Sidhu's plan was to join AAP but due to cancellation of his seat in Amritsar Elections 2014 he dropped the idea and after long negotiations, Mr Sidhu joined the Congress Party.

He quoted-" Arvind Kejriwal lost because of his Niyat(intention)  was not pure.  He only wanted power."

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