Narrow Escape For 174 Passengers, Bird Hits Delhi-Bound AirAsia Flight

The pilot of an AirAsia flight had to use emergency brakes to land the aircraft after one of its engines was hit by a bird while taking off from Ranchi airport on Saturday, officials said. The Delhi-bound plane was carrying 174 people.
Sources at Ranchi's Birsa Munda Airport said the AirAsia aircraft's turbine blades were damaged and smoke was seen coming out from the engine.

The passengers were evacuated from the emergency door, officials said.

On July 12, a man had tried to open the emergency door of another AirAsia aircraft while it was still mid-air and preparing to land at Ranchi airport.


The Airbus 320 aircraft landed safely at the airport when the unruly flyer, Aftab Ahmed, failed to prise the door open and was restrained by the crew.

The 32-year-old was immediately handed over to the police. Some passengers and crew members were reportedly injured when they tried to stop Mr Ahmed, a resident of Ranchi, from pulling open the emergency door.

Reports quoted the police in Ranchi as saying that Mr Ahmed suffered from anxiety attacks and was referred to the Ranchi Institute of Neuro Psychiatry and Allied Sciences.



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