The Mummy : New Action Packed Movie Starrer Tom Cruise

People are apparently not obtaining uninterested in robots, remakes and superhero movies: Beauty and the Beast's presently the best grossing film of the year, closely followed by Logan and Kong: skull Island.

No wonder, Universal photos area unit keen to grab up some content for his or her forthcoming. The Mummy remake, that starrer Tom Cruise, Peaky Blinders actor Annabelle Wallis, and Sofia Boutella because of the super power character. The Universal studio has debuted the second trailer, that shows off Cruise’s super-human talents and watching London getting destroyed all over.

This is no bring up, of course The Mummy marks the official starting of the Universal Monsters medium Universe: kind of like Marvel’s medium Universe however prima varied known literary deviants rather than superheroes. Already, we’ve seen Russell Crowe’s Dr. Henry Jekyll

Other characters set to look within the medium Universe with their own feature-length films embody Invisible Man (played by Johnny Depp), Wolf Man (rumoured to be vie by Dwayne Johnson), Van Helsing, Creature from the Black laguna, and Bride of Frankenstein (Angelina Jolie is probe for the most role, whereas Javier Bardem wished for Frankenstein's monster). Luke Evans’s Dracula untold is maybe or maybe not a part of the series. 

But let’s not get prior ourselves: we’ve got The Mummy initial. Directed by Alex Kurtzman, the films reaches cinemas 9th June 2017.

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