Mumbai Stampede After 4 Trains Came At Same Time, Says Official: 10 Facts

Mumbai:  Fifteen people have been killed and over 30 seriously injured in a stampede that broke out this morning during peak office hours on a foot over-bridge in Mumbai near a local train station. The incident took place at around 10:30 am on the over-bridge linking Elphinstone Road and Parel suburban stations. Visuals showed people on the ground and passers-by dragging the injured down the bridge. Thousands of commuters use the two stations and the bridge everyday as many officers are in the area.



Here are the top 10 updates on this big story:
  1. The injured have been taken to KEM Hospital and other nearby hospitals. Senior police officers are at the railway station. 
  3. "Two people fell down first. There was heavy rain at that time. Soon, there was a stampede. We took the injured to the hospitals," an eyewitness told dailyaddaa.



  1. Dr Pravin Bangar, a senior Medical Officer at Mumbai's KEM Hospital told dailyaddaa that 15 people were brought dead.



  1. "We are still inquiring into the exact reasons. It happened on the narrow staircase. All the injured were rushed to the nearest hospitals," said police officer Niket Kaushik.



  1. A railways official said the stampede was triggered after four trains approached the station from different lines.



  1. "Many were waiting in the rain. There were too many people in a cramped space. When people were trying to rush to their trains, the stampede happened," said railway spokesperson Anil Saxena.



  1. Elphinstone station is a busy hub for local train commuters as a large number of offices are located in the area.Crowd management at busy suburban stations like Parel and Elphinstone has been a longstanding demand. 



  1. "It was a disaster waiting to happen," a resident said.



  1. Union Railways Minister, who is on his way to Mumbai, is likely to visit the spot.



  1. On August 29, heavy rains left the financial capital flooded and brought the city to a standstill. Mumbai received the heaviest rainfall that day since 2005 and was completely paralysed as services stopped and most parts of the city were submerged.





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