In Mumbai A Couple From Telangana Got Married. Weeks Later, She’s Dead, He’s Missing

In Telangana a love story started in college, but yesterday it had a tragic ending.



Tummala Swati 20 year old hours before was to be brought to a Hyderabad court, Tummala Swati is reported to have committed a suicide.



On Monday the Hyderabad High Court had given the police three days to bring back Tummala Swati, whom she got married the man she loved, Amboji Naresh on 25th March.



Tummala Swati and Amboji Naresh were classmates in college, had to elope as Tummala Swati is from the higher caste and their families were badly against their marriage. In Mumbai the couple were living.



A petition filed by Naresh’s father Amboji Venkataiah which a vacation bench of the court heard, before the court his son who is missing should be present is requested by the father.



Tummala Swati father Srinivas Reddy had reportedly invited the young couple to their hometown Bhongir, which about 40 km from Hyderabad, promising to embrace their marriage and his new son-in-law.



On 2nd May when the couple arrived in Bhongir, Tummala Swati was reportedly taken away by her father, and Naresh went missing. He is yet to be found.



Swati on Monday drank the toilet cleaning fluid reportedly. Tummala Swati was taken to Hospital and was saved after the stomach-wash. Later she was released to go back to her home, then Swati was brought back by her parents, who have claimed that she was found hanging. By the hospital Swati was declared dead.



By Swati’s father the case was filed of dowry harassment against her husband Naresh, for accusing him of torturing his daughter.



It is a lie said by Naresh’s father. On Monday he went to the court to report the sudden death of Swati and also argued about her post-mortem be videographed.



He has raised questions about the safety of his son, and also on whether Swati killed herself.

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