Mumbai Cop’s Son Arrested. Tired Of Her, Note In Blood Next To Body Said


As crime scenes go, rarely the details get more grisly than this. The wife of a Mumbai Police Officer, after grabbing a woman several time with the knife of a kitchen, the killer left a note scrawled on the floor from her blood which denotes that, "Tired of her, catch me and hang me." At the end of the sentence was a smiley face. The only arrest in the case so far: her 21-year-old son Siddhant.




The wife of the Police Officer Deepali Ganore, initially investigated by her husband Dyaneshwar Ganore the case of sensational Sheena Bora murder case, who was found dead in her Santacruz home earlier this week. Mr Ganore had said he had found her lying in blood when he returned from work around 3:30 am on Wednesday. A knife and the message were next to her.



Since the night of the incident their son Siddhant has been missing.
On finding out the Siddhant the police said that Siddhant had fled to Jaipur apparently, to catch him the team of three cops have been sent immediately. "When our team reached Jaipur, we found that he had already left for Jodhpur. We shared his photo with the Jodhpur police who detained him there. He is now being brought back to Mumbai," said police officer Rashmi Karandikar.



Today, the 21 year old Siddhant is expected to arrive in Mumbai.




While the investigation is continued by the police, in the case Siddhant is yet to be made an accused. The FIR still remains filed against unknown people.



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