How Much To Be Served In A Restaurant Should Be Standardized: Union Food Minister Ram Vilas Paswan

Today Mr Paswan went to a restaurant and noticed how people left the ordered food and it was much in quantity, after being experiencing the situation he stated "I noticed when I went to restaurants that food was being wasted. We cannot see this happening in a country where there are so many poor. I asked the industry and restaurants to come for meeting and discuss if there is any legal provision to fix portions.

Mr Paswan is minister for Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution and he wants certain standards to be fixed to stop the wastage of food in a populous country. Therefore the minister has called a meeting with the food industry on deciding and standardizing food portions.

"(They should) write that in one portion, there will be three prawns...or four, whatever, so we know how much to order." he said while addressing the problem.

He further suggested that Restaurants have to give in writing how much will be served in a portion, "whether one piece of chicken or two, one idli or two,  one chapatti..."

The ministry is conducting a survey under which questionnaire will be prepared so that they can ask hotels and restaurants on how much they think they should serve and how much a customer can consume on average basis.

PM Modi had also expressed concern about food being wasted and urged citizens to "fight the menace and injustice". He also added  "We take more than required in our plate which we are not able to finish even. Ever considered that if we don't waste food, we can feed the poor?"

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