Ms Mufti Meets PM Narendra Modi: Talks Tough During Firing, Stone Pelting By Ms Mufti

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was told by Chief Minister Ms Mufti during the meeting in Delhi that, the approach of Former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee is urgently needed as cure of Kashmir.

In a 40 minutes session Ms Mufti said, "At a time when stone pelting and firing are on, talks are difficult, but the Prime Minister has invoked Vajpayee many times (and) there is a need to start building from what Vajpayee had achieved."

The anger is growing against the state has seen civilian forming mobs that attack the forces of security with stones. Recent elections the fire was set on school and large group forced their way into centres of voting and shouting Anti-India slogans. Stone Pelters who comprise of young students which includes women also, the centre has communicated to them and will be dealt with. The video is been circulated on social media which captures the deepening divide. The Jawan’s from the CRPF being pushed and being taunted by a group in a place near Srinagar is seen in the footage. But the Jawan’s did not reacted and kept their cool.

The another video came up which shows the young man tied to an army vehicle and accompanied by an audio, which is warning stone pelters of action.

The regional PDP, the BJP and Ms Mufti’s party governs J&K together and their alliances is under the pressure over the lengthy cycle of violence. Army Chief General Bipin Rawat is been complained by Ms Mufti about the Human Rights abused by his troops, as the evidence of using the ‘Human Shield.’

Ms Mufti said, "Some involved in stone pelting are disillusioned while others are being led astray," she said about the violence challenge that security personnel encounter every day.

Mr. Vajpayee’s famous commitment to "Insaniyat, Kashmiriyat, Jamhooriyat" followed by the stakeholders in Kashmir as leaders like Ms Mufti and other leaders have urged the centre to begin talks. But Hurriyat is wanted by Ms Mufti and group of separatist party. to the talks but the centre has refused as for now.
The former Chief Minister the recent develpments which includes the losing of Srinagar Lok Sabha seat and Political opponent Farooq Abdullah left Ms Mufti’s party as worried about shrinking popularity in areas.

Under the President’s rule the reports of her state are being under, which means it should be governed by the centre. Ms Mufti said, "That question needs to be addressed to the central government."

A BJP leader said, as not to be named said that, "The PDP-led government is a buffer between the centre and the unrest. Removing it at this point will mean creating a Kashmir vs centre situation in which even the PDP will be forced to take an anti-centre stand,"

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