Mr. Sulkhan Singh UP Police Chief Have A Message For Criminals, Gau Rakshaks: On His First Day

On the very first day of the top job, The Police Chief of Uttar Pradesh Sulkhan Singh had a bitter message for all the criminals, politicians who are breaking the law and cow vigilantes. If the red line is crossed they should not expect to be spared, Mr. Sulkhan Singh said while vowing to crush Lawlessness in the state.

Jayeed Ahmed is been replaced by Mr. Sulkhan Singh for which he said, strict orders from Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to crack down on everyone who indulges in criminal activities. "We have been given orders by the Chief Minister not to spare anyone," he said on Saturday, minutes after he took charge. It won't matter if the violator belongs to a particular party. "They will be dealt with in the same way as everyone else," Mr Singh, who replaces Javeed Ahmed, the first major casualty due to the change in government in Uttar Pradesh.

Last month Yogi Adityanath came in power in an election which saw the BJP party pledging to clean up the street crime to an extent that women can travel through state at midnights without worrying about their safety.  To reach such stage Uttar Pradesh has a long way to go. The saffron-rober Chief Minister took over a week after, the police have to deal with the Vigilante groups targeting people they suspect of smuggling cows for slaughter.  Kashmiris threatened in western Uttar Pradesh to the leave or to face consequences in the state, happened in this week.

Mr. Sulkhan Singh said, ‘In the name of gau rakshaks, no one has a right to intervene. Whoever gets into vigilantism on any pretext with be dealt with sternly.’ A state where criminal-political Nexus is extremely entrenched, Mr. Sulkhan Singh has assured his officers that have full freedom to do their job. Mr. Sulkhan Singh said, "If police officers have anything to be scared of, it is their own conduct. Nothing else,"

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