Mr Sidhu predictions for results of Assembly elections 2017, Punjab

Mr. Sidhu who quits BJP after a decade in the party  says,  that there is a good competition with Aam Admi Party,  however the poll results will be announced tomorrow.

Mr.  Sidhu predictions before one day will be undergone reality check tomorrow,  when the results will be out.

The reality can be far different as one cannot relay independently on exit Polls the outcome differs.
Mr. Sidhu says that " AAP will get 40 seats in the election and Akali-BJP won't get more than 10. And he continues by saying that Congress will win the remaining seats.

The total seats in Punjab assembly elections are 117. And to form the Government,  a party needs 59 seats.  According to polls there is a close racing between the Congress And AAP.

For more than 10 years,  Cheif Minister Prakash singh Badal have ruled Punjab and Mr.  Badal says that our all alliance can win 72 seats in the state to be re-elected for a third continuous term.

The counting of the Polls will start tomorrow by 8 am.

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