Mr. Dinakaran Said, ‘I am Mature’ As He Aside From His Collegues

Mr. Dinakaran who is running the party that governs Tamil Nadu, ‘I am Mature’, he said today which enables him to have no regrets being Sidelined from his colleagues.

Almost 10 Senior Minister met in Chennai last night, and decided that Mr. Dinakaran the parties No. 2 and his aunt VK Sasikala the party’s chief will be dismissed from their post. It is aimed at facilitating a merger with a rival party, much smaller faction of AIADMK by former Chief Minister O Panneerselvam. They are the authentic party from both the sides, the dispute is not been decided by the Election Commission.

Today, Mr. Dinakaran denied that he has issued a third camp, which says that it should retain him as a senior leader of AIADMK. ‘If they had asked me, I would have removed myself.’ He said. Jayalalithaa died when she was a Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, her party AIADMK quickly promoted her live-in aide VK Sasikala as its Chief. The regular Stand- in O Panneerselvam of Jayalalithaa while she was alive, made Chief Minister. But VK Sasikala decided to become the Chief Minister, indicating a displeasure by Mr. O Panneerselvam. By The Supreme Court a dramatic plot twist was provided in February sentenced her to jail for Corruption. Before VK Sasikala headed to prison, he placed her nephew in charge of the party and a loyalist as a Chief Minister, E Palaniswami.

Mr. Dinakaran’s disgrace- has been named in serious corruption deceit including an attempt to buy the symbol of the party by bribing Election Commission Officials. The group is expected today, to decide a reconciliation with the strangered team of Mr. Panneerselvam. Mr. Palaniswami have to step down as the removal of Sasikala and her nephew from the party. As the matter is resolved but the contentious is whether he will be made a Chief Minister.

The confusion is being made by the BJP to the AIADMK party, the party organization is behind Mr. Dinakaran, claiming Nanjil Sampath, Mr Dinakaran’s spokesperson. When formed the own faction by Mr. Panneerselvam, the Sasikala camp blamed BJP for plotting the divide, which is been nudged by the centre to revolt.

The growing of discontent within his colleagues, the large public resentment over the Pre-eminence given to Mr. Dinakaran and Sasikala’s family for the village and affiliation to different corruption.

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