Movie Review: MOM Who Is A 21st Century Mother

If you try to mess with anyone’s daughter then you have to be prepared to face her mother! Yes you have to face a MOM.  Sridevi as Devaki in her movie MOM, she is not a helpless mother like those of the old times who have to plead “Bhagwan Ke Liye Meri Beti Ko Chhod Do.” Devaki is a 21st century mom, who is not helpless but is loving and caring. To protect her children she can turn into a maa durga to fight the demons of the society in a moment from a loving and kindness at moments.

Devaki is a MOM who is not hesitate to punish her daughter’s rapists and stands as an inspiration in a country like ours where a girl is raped by some wolves openly in the public and others take the sheer pleasure of filming the video and sharing it on social media.

The girl's businessman father Anand Sabharwal (Adnan Siddiqui) cuts short a New York trip and rushes back home. A top-notch Crime Branch cop Matthew Francis (Akshaye Khanna) is given charge of the case. The four perpetrators are quickly rounded up and a chargesheet is filed. A private detective (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) offers unsolicited help to the distressed mother.

This justifies the dialogue, “Since God cannot be everywhere, and He created Mother”.

No other lady than Sridevi can act like Devaki in movie MOM, as she is the finest actress from the Bollywood industry. The veteran actress has carried the movie on her shoulder. In the movie it does not look like that she is playing the character of Devaki it seemed like she is Devaki.

Much of MOM is filmed on actual locations and its characters are believable. The police officer, for one, isn't a swaggering, smooth-talking gunslinger bent upon asserting his masculinity. Akshaye Khanna slips into the skin of this man with minimum fuss and delivers a performance that makes us wonder why we do not see more of him.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui's darkly humorous is among the men that you might have seen in a Bollywood film in recent years. Daya Shankar Kapoor, "DK for short", isn't a smug operator.

While every actor has put in their best performance, Nawazuddin Siddiqui steals the show!

To see how mother protects her daughter from all the odds do go and watch it near your movie hall.

Trailer of the movie:


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