This Mother’s Day Express Your Love To The Most Lovable Lady

Maa, Aai, Amma, Mom and so many other names but same meaning 'love' and blessing’. She is the reason behind your existence. She loves you unconditionally, she is your best companion, a true friend and first teacher. She carries you in her womb for nine months and in her heart for whole life.


She is a woman who gets gentler and strongest at the same time when she holds her baby for the first time. Gentler as she doesn’t want to hurt you and strongest because she never let anyone hurt you. Might be she was a lady with passion, dreams, who wanted to do a lot of things in her life, but after your birth you became her life. She started to sacrifice her every desire just to make you happy and satisfy.


At the age of two when no one understand what we say, she always understands and fulfil our needs. At the age of twelve she is our super hero, our tasty meals, incomplete home works, those difficult art and crafts’ assignments, tidy school dress, she is always at rescue. At the age of sixteen she is a true well-wisher, she always tells us what is right and what is not. She always supports when we are right and rectify us when we are wrong. At the age of twenty- three when we need a true friend, she is the only one who supports us, listen what we want to say, she is the one who is reliable.


Then we became busy and we forget what she did for us, we take her for granted, we forget that if we are growing then she is getting older too. This is the time when she needs a best friend, a rescuer, a support. In our whole life, we are busy in pleasing the world, expressing our love to others but we forget to express our love to the person who made us her whole world.


We can’t pay back for what she did for us, but what we can do is tell her how much we love her, show her how important she is for us.


Try to make this Mother’s Day as special as the day when she holds you in her arms for the first time.

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