Modi Government’s one more step towards NO BLACK MONEY – Sting operation of 500 banks, accorded by sources

The process of making the black money amount to zero in India has made another progress where under the Prime Minister, the government has conducted sting operation in 500 bank branches which includes both private and government banks. The decision of demonetisation of old Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes has made many bank officials adopt corrupt ways and as a result they could not be saved by Modi's gaze which assured that " Whoever has sinned to spoil the dreams of 125 crore people, will not be spared".

According to sources, Ministry of Finance is now acquainted with around 400 CDs of sting operations where it it quite clear, how the so called elite class, reputed people managed to get the new currency without standing in the long queues. Now here is the answer as to how did people managed crores of rupees when the common man is not getting handful of money to meet the basic needs of the day.

Realising the same, the government has prepared for a war against not only corruption but also the corrupt officials. Such officials as promised would not be spared and they will be dealt with in the month of February and March, according to the sources.

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