Media Sting Lead Jawan Roy Mathew To Suicide, Says Army

A 33-year-old soldier, Roy Mathew was missing from the artillery centre in the cantonment in Maharashtra since last Saturday. The soldier was part of an expose by a website on the abuse of the British-era "sahayak". His body was found in a decomposed position.

The death has been called suicide by the Defence Ministry and said that it might be result of several factors triggered by media personnel which managed to videograph the deceased by asking leading questions on his duties without his knowledge.

The ministry said that the soldier most probably was guilty of letting  down his superiors or conveying false impression and this is what made the situation worse for him.

According to the police, a diary has been recovered according to which the soldier was feeling bad for taking names of his seniors and has also apologised. A case of " accidental death" has been filed as of now by the police. Forensic tests will further confirm the entire scene.

However tha army has refused that Roy Mathew was questioned or that he was under pressure after the video, which showed soldiers attached to senior officers for sahayak  walking their dogs or taking their children to school.

According to sources, the soldier sent a one word SMS to one of the senior  saying "sorry".

The soldier's brother Jijo Jose said that the suicide was shocking as they had no idea about Roy Mathew's tension. His phone was switched off and the family could not contact him. The video has been removed from the website now.

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