Meat Sellers Of UP Went On Strike Today, After CM’s Order To Close Illegal Slaughterhouses

An indefinite period of strike is being announced by the Meat Sellers across UP, this strike is a result of UP's CM Adityanath Yogi order to crackdown all the illegal operated slaughterhouses. However Cheif Minister Mentioned that the abattoirs which are being operated legally should not be touched.

A large number of Meat owners shop and slaughterhouses are complaining they are being targeted unnecessarily and unfairly under the new BJP government. The shutdown orders have adversely affecting the livelihood of many people, and many people are facing problem who irrespective of holding the legal license are being stopped and police is demanding renewed version of license.

"We have decided to intensify strike from  tomorrow.  All shops will be remain close, fish sellers have also joined us and extending the support to us" says Mubeen Qureshi yesterday, an official of the Lucknow Bakra Gosht Vypar Mandal.

Adityanath Yogi who took the post of CM of UP last week is making this action to fulfil the conditions written in manifesto of Assembly elections and said to fulfil each and every point mentioned there. Few days also he also Started an Anti Romeo Squad in UP under which the safety of the girls were taken into condition who were molested by road side romeo's and then came wirh another strict action against the usage of Tobacco and Pan Masala's in government officials.

The strike started early morning,  people are demanding to free such actions as their income will be affected badly.

One of the MLA said if such thing is happening that livelihood of general public will be disturbed then new ways will be suggested to come up with solutions.

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