MCD Election 2017: PM Narendra Modi Fighting Tough After UP, AAP Assesses ‘Even For Arvind Kejriwal’

Today, Arvind Kejriwal AAP party went beyond their go-to theme of ‘faulty EVMs’ as they are struggling with an all-time low in popularity rating evidenced by successive poll defeats. Conceded a different reason for their loss in yesterday’s elections in Delhi. UP effect and Prime Minister Narendra Modi's "growing stature".

in the morning a meeting with Lawmaker, AAP discussed that the "spillover effect" of Uttar Pradesh, where last month BJP party won with a majority which had impacted the civic polls in Delhi. AAP lawmaker said while sharing the details of the meeting, "After the BJP's UP victory, combined with AAP's loss in Punjab and Goa, Prime Minister Narendra Modi's emboldened persona and stature was hard to beat, even for Arvind Kejriwal."

There are other resignation but apparently the AAP party has absolved Mr. Arvind Kejriwal of any blame.

Yesterday, Dilip Pandey quit as in-charge of Delhi and today Sanjay Singh resigned as convenor in Punjab, a major revamp is been setup in a motion. Mr. Pandey is been replaced by Minister Gopal Rai.

By a giant margin AAP party has lost the MCD election, if the tally to be added of defeats just two years after it stunned seasoned rivals with a spectacular mandate to rule the capital.

181 out of 270 Municipal wards is been won by BJP party, leaving for AAP party 48 wards and for Congress party 30 wards.

The AAP party lost its debut election last month in Punjab and Goa, the leaders of AAP party and Arvind Kejriwal blamed the loss on EVMs and accused the Election Commission of doing best to BJP party victories.

Many questions have been raised on EVM line and sotto voce after the latest defeat by the leaders of AAP party. Bhagwant Mann, one of AAP's most prominent faces, has accused the leadership of "behaving like a mohalla cricket team" and making a "historic blunder" in Punjab. He said yesterday the party should look within.

About 40 AAP party candidates have lost their deposit, as the civic poll results indicate that the 2015 Delhi election, AAP party has dropped almost half from 54% to around 26% votes from the Capital.

AAP party won 67 of Delhi’s 70 seats in an Assembly Election, and leaving only three for the rival, the BJP party. In a by-election the AAP party lost one of the seats to the BJP party. The AAP party lost badly that the candidate has lost the security deposited.
Next Month AAP party confronts another Political crisis when the Election Commission decided on a complaint pursuing the disqualification of its lawmaker for violating "office of profit" rules. If nearly a third of AAP's lawmakers are disqualified, the party faces by-elections that it could find tough to win.

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