Matt Reeves Certify To Candid Batman, Although Will Ben Affleck Revise?

In a collusion that could bring rom - com to shame, Warner Bros. Bring Matt Reeves to blunt the upcoming Batman film, Lost him, and then won him final.

Ended a span of just final two weeks, Reeves, who's best accept for directing Cloverfield and two planet of the Apes movies, was being attract to take over from Ben Affleck on the Superhero film, only for agreement to sour, and then for him to clue an anyway.

The problem began when Ben Affleck discarded out of directing the movie on January 31 after weeks of consideration because he could not perform.

At February 11, it was declared that Reeves was in agreement to take over. Through February  18, it was reported that Reeves had discarded out because a accord could not be battered. Ridley Scott and Fede Alvarez were stored on the back - burner.

Gone Thursday, Reeves released a report approving that the had in fact registered.

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