Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar Ready To Start ‘Second Innings’ With His Biopic

“Good to see you all from real life to reel life.”


The crowd made up of sports journalists was in conversation with filmaker James Erskine when God of Cricket Sachin Tendulkar walked in as his movie, ‘Sachin: A Billion Dreams’, was being screened. It came to a halt as Tendulkar took attention and shared his journey.


A portion of the film, scheduled to be released on May 26, was screened and starts from his childhood, getting observed by coach Ramakant Achrekar, his first international tour versus Pakistan to winning the World Cup in 2011.


“This was a new experience for me. All my life I had been looking towards the next game and let people talk about my last innings. Here I had to speak regarding my past throughout,” said the Master Blaster. Admitting he was excited about the family watching the movie, he said there was hardly anything the film did not cover. “They had 10,000 hours of footage and I admire their skills because how do you make sense of something over 35 years and squeeze that to two hours and 17 minutes… I said this is the first innings I’ve played, now you need to play the second innings,” Tendulkar said.


“The film was shot at my house, it’s not a studio. So what you see is my house in Bandra Sahitya Sahawas. You see Ajit (brother) trying to teach me how to play, it’s the ground where I grew up. So everything is real. The only thing is that I can’t go back to being a five-year-old,” The legendary cricketer laughed.


Tendulkar took a walk down memory lane and spoke of Mark Mascarenhas, his former assistent who died in a car crash, his father (Ramesh) and people who helped shape his career. There’s also a limited footage of the late Ramesh Tendulkar where he states: “I am proud of all my children. About Sachin, everyone considers him as their family member, which is an extremely proud feeling.”


There were a petty funny ones as well, like the communication with Tom Alter. “I remember this was immediately after I was invited to play at the India nets to bat against Kapil Dev. Dilip Vengsarkar had invited me and Tom asked me ‘so how was it facing Kapil Dev?’ I replied ‘he was also good’,” he said, as the audience barrage into laughter.


While Erskine said the movie shows Tendulkar as a child to a father of two, Tendulkar admitted glory has been challenging for his children. “When people are constantly focusing on you and analysing everything you do, my childhood was never like that. Neither was yours,” he said.


“We’ve all had that freedom and that’s what we all want. He (Arjun) plays cricket, I’ve always been saying that let your articles follow his performances. It must not be the other way round.”


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