Manisha Koirala Rules In The Trailer Of Dear Maya

Manisha Koirala is coming back on silver screen after taking a long break and becoming an inspiration for all. After having a battle with cancer she had become an example for others and this real life Hero is returning in the movie “Dear Maya”. The trailer have been released by the makers of the film and Manisha is seen in a new avatar playing the lead role in the film. Dear Maya is directed by Sunaina Bhatnagar which is scheduled to release on June 2.

Manisha is from one of the gorgeous Bollywood actress, who ruled the era of 90’s and had given movies like Bombay, Dil Se, Mann, 1942: A Love Story, Khaamoshi, and many more.

Plot of The Movie

The story of the film has 14-year-old Ira and Anna, who are best friends living in the town of Shimla. There is an old abandoned Bungalow near their house, which fascinates them. Legend says that a woman named Maya Devi, who used to live in the bungalow hadn’t stepped out for 20 years. When she had been a marriageable age, no man had agreed to marry her and which made her bitter, angry and pull back from the world.

Anna and Ira than decides together to write fake love letters for Maya Devi, pretending to be one of the lover whom she had met 20 years ago, who was still in love with her. Maya Devi is changed by the letters and decides to sell everything she has and move to Delhi to meet her secret admirer. Anna is horrified and wants to go to Maya Devi and tell her the truth, but Ira refuses. Anna and Ira have a huge fight and Anna decides to confront the truth by herself but ultimately loses nerve.

Maya Devi leaves for Delhi and Anna is filled with guilt. She confesses in-front of her parents, who later on decided to send Anna away in boarding school, away from Ira who Anna refuses to speak to again. After 7 years, Anna (21years) on college student in Delhi. Her past actions still frighten her and she is still looking for Maya Devi. Ira somehow join Anna in her search for Maya, even though Anna and Ira are no longer on good terms. One last time the girls decide to go look and have a look at her house in Delhi but what they discover completely blows their mind.

Watch The Trailer Here


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