Man Of The Moment, ‘It Was Tough,’ Said A Smiling Ahmed Patel, Congress’

For three seats of Rajya Sabha long before the last vote was  caste in Gandhinagar from Gujarat, “Such a tense and bitter election battle,” has never seen conceded by the senior Congress leader Ahmed Patel. The election. For two weeks in the past would have been a walkover - had turned into a prestige battle, with the BJP determined to make the Congress sweat for this one seat.

In the Rajya Sabha it was not just because of how this seat would alter the numerical strength Sabha where the BJP and not the Congress already is the single largest party. At a time of BJP president Amit Shah made his debut in parliament the optics of the Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s political advisor’s took exit from Rajya Sabha, this would have been the stinging defeat more painful.


With a tweet Ahmed Patel announced his victory, "Satyamev Jayate" (Truth shall triumph) in the early hours of Wednesday said. Ahmed Patel called his election not just his victory but the defeat of what called "the most blatant use of money power, muscle power and abuse of state machinery". Around 3 am, much later the official announcement of the election went down to the wire.

To Television camera’s he said that "it was a tough election," this time a broad smile on his face and supporters bursting firecrackers and distributing sweets in Delhi and Gujarat.
Mr Patel was the man of the moment.

Returning Officer BB Swain as per their result declared, the BJP's Mr Rajput scored 38 votes against Ahmed Patel's 44. It helped that the Election Commission had cancelled the votes of two Congress rebels who had voted for the BJP because they had shown their ballot papers to a BJP leader.

Including Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad pitched its best legal minds, had contended that the Congress had petitioned the Election Commission because the party knew it was going to lose, the BJP, which like the Congress.



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