Making Of A “New India” With Modi Govt

Highlights of PM Modi's Speech :

PM Modi said that the party felt honored since all the 5 States who voted them and supported them and continued saying that they will complete all our promises till 2022.

These Assembly elections of 2017 results have created the way for India's development. Now BJP will work for India's betterment.

hScreen Shot 2017-03-12 at 7.00.37 PM copyHe said - "Our team include such candidates whom people have never seen on TV,  whom names have never appeared in newspapers, many be our candidates have no such experience in politics but we will never get back and stop, we we adopt and learn the required skill and will work for country."

In 2012, people took him wrong because they did not know what will be the result  but today he want to repeat the same thing with same courage on stage which he said during my speech,
He said 3 things which include
1- We are new,  our experience was not that much in politics, but then also I said, we all are humans we make mistakes,  may be we will also do but our intentions will never be wrong. 
2- We will do hard work with facing transparency.
3- Whatever we will do will do with all the proofs.

I m very blessed to share that-" when people ask a PM that why do you work so much.
Its honour for me to listen those words.

And I thank everyone to trust our party, in politics the party is created because of majority but it runs because of trust."

This party is also for those who haven't voted our candidates because at last UP is one and there is no difference for development of people as all are equal."

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