Love Story of Chandra Gupt Maurya and Queen Helena Is Like A Real Life Fairy Tale

Love is a word which has endless stories and meanings in itself. It is not something that you finds but it’s something that finds you, wherever you are or wherever you go. Love can be expressed in different ways in different language but that particular sweet pain is life for many. Some people believes in Love at first sight whereas some people don’t and for the long time it had been a debatable topic for many. In the history, there was one such epic love affair of Chandra Gupt Maurya and Queen Helena, who was the daughter of Seleucus Nicator(Ruler of Western India and Persia).

It’s been said that it all started when Chandra Gupt Maurya was riding through river Jhelum and then it was the first time when he saw Queen Helena. He was mesmerized with her charm and beauty. At the very moment he decided to marry her.

Chandra Gupt was already married to Queen Durdhara, but he was restless so he confessed his desire to his advisor Chanakya. Chanakya told Maurya he could seek her only by declaring war against Seleucus. But before getting to Seleucus, he had to start war against North India which was under the Nanda Empire during that time.

Everything is fair in Love and War

Soon Chandra Gupt alarmed Seleucus about the rise of Maurya Empire in North India by getting victory over there. In the meanwhile he had proposed Helena by sending a message through carrier pigeons. Helena was also smitten by her admirer from India. After few time she came to know that Maurya is Hindu and the heathen on the contrary was Greek and use to worship Greek Gods. But it was true love so she accepted him by just forming an image of her Hindu emperor in her mind and immensely adored him.

It was 305 B.C. when Chandra Gupt defeated Seleucus. After the suggestion from Chanakya, Gupt invited Seleucus to his court and asked the hand of his daughter. But King of Greek was not ready to give his daughter’s hand in the hand of chandra, but Helena convinced her father as she was also in love with him and it was the first time when she saw the man in real- she was delighted.
Later on they got married, India’s newly married wife settled with him in Patliputra, their marriage was celebrated in the whole capital with joy. After it they lived happily together.
Just like a fairy tale story ended Love at first sight won.

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