Food Special : Love For Ice Creams, Rejoice With Naturals

Love for chocolates and ice creams is evergreen. They never argue, fight or disappoint you like anyone else. In fact for most of us eating ice creams in winter is more refreshing. And you guys have had experienced this atleast once in your lifetime with your friends or sweet heart. If not yet, then here we are with an amazing place called Naturals to fulfill your desire of eating toothsome ice cream throughout the year with your special ones.

If getting an ice cream of chocolate flavour  is a bonus then what will you say about ice creams of almost twenty five flavours including anjeer, black grapes, almonds, coconut, jackfruit, litchi and so on all under the same roof with decent ambience and seating availability as well as reasonable price. Ice cream in a cup or in a crispy, tasty cone is totally your choice, but having it in a cone will add a crisp to your delicious and creamy ice cream.


This is the place to give your taste buds a treat and will put your ice cream love to a next level. Their originality and flavours like kala jamun, chicoo, melon, jackfruit is what makes them different from others. Their ice creams not only have fruit's flavour but these have real fruits in them. Initially the founder of this ice cream parlour Mr. Raghunandan Kamath was not sure if people would like his original ice creams. He started it on Valentine's Day in 1984 in Juhu, Mumbai and started with serving pav bhaji as a main dish and ice cream was an add on. Soon this little shop started getting noticed and people started referring them as ICE CREAM OF JUHU SCHEME. Their ice cream was in such demand that it caused frequent traffic jams (best compliment) in the tiny lanes of the Juhu. In 1994 they opened five more new outlets and now they are serving in other cities also. Their flavour is so original so their tagline is “original doesn’t need a reference, original is a reference”.




This ice cream parlour has raised the level of the quality of ice creams. With delicious taste and innovative ideas they are serving ice creams with real fruits and nuts. Flavours of coconut , sitaphal, anjeer, papaya-pineapple ice creams will change your point of view to these not-so likeable eatables.


Want to spend time by having those vibrant, frozen cones in hands and lots of "gup-shup" with bff or that special one? Then this place is for you, my friend.


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