Lion Cub In Gir Rescued From 80-Feet Well: Caught On Camera

In Gir region of Gujarat a cub of a lion fell into an 80 feet deep well, was rescued after a six-hour- operation on Saturday. Near Amrapur village in the Gir Somnath  on Friday night. On Saturday morning she was found by the villagers who informed the wildlife department officials immediately. Without any major injuries the cub was pulled out by the rescue team that was rushed to the village.

As per the officials of the wildlife department, from her pride the cub might have wandered away and fell into the deep well on the night of Friday.

ANI shared the video on Twitter which also shows how the Officials of forest lowered into the well to help fasten a rope around the cub to pull the cub out.


The cub has now been shifted to a forest department centre and will be released back into the wild once she's deemed fit and healthy.


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