Lighting the dark : The businessman helping the poor by donating 90 houses

From the birth of a child, the parents start to save some money for child's education and marriage. Within this scenario where all parents are busy saving for their upcoming generation, here comes a businessman from Aurangabad, Maharashtra with not so much of a business heart.

Donation is indeed the best earning of one's life. Ajay Munot donated 90 one - BHK houses to the poor families on the occasion of his daughter's marriage. The wholesale trader of cloth and wheat has exclusively selected the families which suits his criteria of donation.

He preferred those families which are poor, live in slums and do not have any addiction. So here he contributes his level best to those who are poor but not by choice.

Munot said that this idea was suggested by BJP MLA and the same has been appreciated by bride Shreya and the groom.

A total of 1.5 crore has been spent to build these 90 houses in last 2 months and about 40 families have successfully shifted to the houses.

In this hustle bustle of this competitive world, if we have to look at some people who carry with themselves the responsibility of mankind in general then here is the best example of Mr. Munot who says "This is the new chapter in history and I hope that the same concept will be followed by the other rich communities. Indeed his contribution is inspiring and giving a new direction to the poor people.

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