Legion hacking continued: Now eyes set on parliament website

The hacker group, Legion after hacking the twitter accounts of Mr. Rahul Gandhi, Congress and Vijay Mallya now has kept its eye on the website of Parliament (sansad.nic.in). The website provide government employees with email services.

In an interview, one of the member of the group also said that they have been able to access the server of Apollo Hospital. J Jayalalithaa was hospitalised before her death in the same hospital. Hence there emerge chances of exploitation of doctor-patient privacy.

Read more: http://www.dailyaddaa.com/news/ravish-kumars-twitter-pack-hacked-by-legion-ndtv-retaliating-for-their-employees/

In a Washington Post report on Monday, one of the member asserted that their interests do not lie in any political data but here the question arises by their consequential act of hacking accounts of politically prominent personalities. On being asked if their act of hacking has any political agendas, one of the member replied that those who think so should “gas themselves with a balloon filled with Zyklon B.” The gas that they talked about reminds of the horrors of World War II where the same gas was used by Nazis against Jews during the Holocaust.

Constant attacks on accounts of Rahul Gandhi, Vijay Mallya, Ravish Kumar and Barkha Dutt , the group has managed to have access to NDTV server and hospital chain like Apollo Hospital. With this the group has also claimed that their next target is IPL chairperson Lalit Modi.

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