” Last Man On The Moon “, Sir Gene Cernan Dies aged 82

American astronaut Gene Cernan, " Last man on the moon " has died at the age of 82 on Monday.

Captain Cernan travelled into space three times and also achieved the 11th person to leave a footprint on the moon.

America's space agency Nasa said " It was saddened by the loss of the retired spaceman".

He became one of the only three human beings to travel to the moon twice and also achieved to walk on the Lunar surface in 1972.

Picture Courtesy: Twitter
Picture Courtesy: Twitter

Among the twelve people only six people are still alive today, who travelled on the moon.

Cernan retired in 1976 and joined his personal business. He was also the Commander of the Apollo 17 mission.

The final words from Captain Cernan " We leave as we came and God willing as well shall return with peace and hope for all Mankind".

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