Largest-Ever Exercise Of The Indian Navy

The INS Chakra (the Indian Navy's nuclear attack submarine) is on the slink 200 km off Goa's coast in the Indian Ocean, wiping the seas for the sound of "enemy submarines." The Chakra is one of the fastest and deepest diving submarines in the world and has acquired on lease from Russia. It has been particularly deployed to train new threat of Chinese nuclear submarines operating with increasing frequency in the Indian Ocean.
The Chakra targets at Indian Navy's own submarines simulating the movements of Chinese and Pakistani submarines.

Image-2One of more than 60 Indian Navy and Coast Guard vessels that are participating in TROPEX 2017, the Chakra is participating in exercises that are based around the thesis that in the event of a conflict, the Indian Navy has to be ready for composite threats that could emerge suddenly and simultaneously.

According to sources, as opposed to the past, these exercises look beyond the threat posed by the Pakistan Air Force and Navy. Over the last three years, nuclear and conventional submarines, warships and fleet-replenishment ships in the Indian Ocean have been deployed by China. These exercises look at China factor as a key focus area.

iMAGE-3The Navy saw a natural disaster on Agatti and Androth islands in the Lakshadweep chain and helped 100 civilians in moving from the islands to the mainland during TROPEX 2017. Several missiles against simulated threats including made-in-India BrahMos anti-ship cruise missiles have also been launched by Indian warships participating in the exercises.

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