Ladies Be proud of your cleavage : Sawara Bhaskar and Tapasee Pannu’s Special Message

Women are  taken as a goddess, mother, sister, wife, friend and there are some in our society who take us only to judge and as sex object. Right from our teenage when we step out from our home, we are suggested to cover our body, to not show our cleavage. If by mistake some thing is exposed or wore some revealing cloths society blame us for all the 'shit' (rape, harassment, molest) happening in our country and because of all this we are made conscious about our physical assets by other female members of our family, be it our mom, elder sister, aunt, grandma or any female relative.

Guys if you really want to do good to women, you need to shave your thinking also while shaving your so called beard. We know all boys are not the same but why do Girls think “OK it's fine” ! “We are women and we are born to listen and tolerate”. This needs to be stopped. It is our responsibility to make a safer place for our sisters, daughters, mothers, and all women where she will not be scared of revealing her cleavage and where she will not be teased or stopped from doing so.

“We are women, we are born with it. If you have it flaunt it! Be proud of it!”

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