Kumar Vishwas ‘Younger Brother’ Amid Split Rumours, Says Arvind Kejriwal


Kumar Vishwas may jump from Aam Aadmi Party to BJP as it is in talks. This time from within Delhi’s ruling party. Senior party leader Amanatullah Khan, who is also a member of AAP's core Political Affairs Committee or PAC, has accused Mr Vishwas of conspiring to take over the party's top post. If he is defeat, he would walk away to the BJP with a chunk of AAP legislators, whom has been offered Rs. 30 crores each. Two days after AAP party’s founder member hinted at some unease said by Mr. Khan.

Arvind Kejriwal Party Chief, having none of it. "Kumar is my younger brother. Some people trying to drive a block between us. They are the enemies of the party. They should refrain. No one can separates." Tweeted by Arvind Kejriwal in Hindi, it was even retweeted by Kumar Vishwas.

In Civic Election, last week the AAP party was trounced in Delhi, where about two years ago the AAP party swept the assembly polls, winning 67 out of 70 seats, remaing three was in the hand of BJP party.

For defeat in the last week’s election Arvind Kejriwal blamed the EVMs or Electronic Machines, then they had made mistake, he said. A list of dos and don'ts that included an oath not to leave the party and recording of any offer made by the BJP party is been circulated by Arvind Kejriwal. If it even involved Rs.10 Crores.

My Khan quoted about the amount was far higher. Legislators said, have offered as much as Rs. 30 crore each for joining the BJP.

Amongst the party leaders WhatsApp message circulated, Mr. Khan said, "Kumar Vishwas called some legislators and asked them that he should be made the party Convenor". Out of  Four AAP legislators, the minister have been tasked with arranging meetings between party legislator and Mr. Kumar Vishwas at his home. One of the meetings is already been attended by another minister. The information come from 10 legislators said by Mr. Khan, but the names of the legislators are not disclosed by Mr. Khan.
In January the party had backed Kumar Vishwas, when the rumours started doing the round that Kumar Vishwas was trying to join BJP party. Manish Sisodia had commented, "I have information that after the Uttar Pradesh election, the PM is joining the Congress. He has also met with Rahul Gandhi." Whether Amit Shah was joining AAP party was wondered by another minister, Kapil Mishra.

In an interview with NDTV yesterday, Kumar Vishwas has indicated that the party in for structural changes that could go right to the top. He said Mr Kejriwal was surrounded by "Yes Men" and on their advice, had blamed the EVMs, which had not gone down well with the people.

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