Kejriwal wins the favour from SC against Lieutenant Governor : The power of elected Government justified

Mr. Arvind Kejriwal ( Aam Admi Party) now seems to show quite unfriendly attitude towards Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung, administrative head of the capital. Mr. Kejriwal accuses the governor to interfere and contradict almost every decision that his government takes and that he is acting as a mimic of the Prime Minister.

On this, the governor clearly remarked that Delhi is not a state so he has access to certain authorities. This reasoning was welcomed by Delhi High Court on the account of his position as administrative head of the capital and hence he has right to sign off on the government decisions.

The chief minister seems unhappy with this verdict of Delhi High Court and hence unsatisfied, he has now moved towards Supreme Court to challenge it. It has been observed in the Supreme Court that "An elected government should have some power to run, otherwise the government cannot function." The appeal shall be heard next in January.

In July, Mr. Kejriwal also accused Modi Government for having resentment against Delhi Government which is using the Lieutenant  governor to exercise power over his government. Now that grudges have come forth, what is awaited is Supreme Court's final decision over the same.

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