Kapil Sharma Finally Give Up On Sunil Grover

Kapil Sharma is done with all his efforts on Sunil Grover to bring him back at his show The Kapil Sharma Show. The incident took place few days back while returning from Australia after a show, where Kapil was drunk and he fought with Sunil Grover and said few words which hurted Sunil Grover. Due to which Sunil Grover left the show along with Ali Asgar and Chandan Prabhakar too left the show and they are not even willing to join his back for his show.

Kapil has now stopped trying to make Sunil Grover back into his show. A sources close to the show stated to Indian express that, "When you keep trying, ask for an apology, try over and over again to convince Sunil Grover and the person is still unmoved, then there's no point left. Kapil Sharma has stopped taking any effort now. He did a lot and he had enough. Not only him, a lot of other people involved with the show, the topmost authorities tried talking to Sunil but he is not ready to change his mind.”

Seems like Sunil Grover is no more interested to get back to Kapil Sharma Show, may be because Kapil Sharma has badly hurted Sunil Grover this time.  Due to which The Kapil Sharma Show TRP’s gone all down and the Sony Entertainment has given a month time to Kapil Sharma to bring his show back to top 1 show. Even ratings at YouTube have gone down instead on Likes the show was getting more dislikes on YouTube.

In Kapil Sharma’s earlier show which aired on Colors, Sunil Grover left that show too due to the Payment issues. Now when Sunil Grover left the recent show there were news about his come back to the show but with High amount of salary to Sunil Grover. But this news was dismissed by Sunil Grover through a tweet, he tweeted,

Not only Kapil Sharma but also Raju Srivastava who was seen at Kapil Sharma’s show after Sunil Grover’s exit, also tried to get back Sunil Grover at The Kapil Sharma Show. But even after all the efforts nothing has changed.

Sunil Grover is not seen at the show since fight but it does not mean he is not working anywhere else, he was performing live at New Delhi and also was seen at the finale of Indian Idol 9 featuring in a comedy gig. He will next be seen at the IPL match for commentary which is scheduled for 13th April. Sunil Grover even tweeted about it,

Let us all hope for the best to happen in their Life!!

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