Today, Justice CS Karnan sentenced to jail for Six months by the Supreme Court, which found him guilty for contempt and ordered the Kolkata Police Chief to arrest CS Karnan

The controversial Calcutta High Court Judge, yesterday had ‘Sentenced’ the Chief Justice of India and seven other judges of Supreme Court to jail for 5 years.

The Judges turned away a team, last week for the psychiatrists tasked by the Supreme Court to check CS Karnan mental health.

Justice CS Karnan who is a 61 year old judge, who was accused of contempt after he named 20 ‘corrupted judges’ of the country earlier this year and sought an investigation alleging corruption in the judiciary. CS Karnan also wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, urging an inquiry.

Supreme Court has transferred CS Karnan from the Madras High Court to Kolkata, Justice CS Karnan was being victimised because he is a Dalit said by CS Karnan.

In the top court defiant judge refused to show up or submit to its orders. Instead, he fell into a routine of matching every Supreme Court order with one of his own, pronounced at his "home court".

On 31st March at the hearing, Chief Justice JS Khehar raised a questions about the mental health of CS Karnan.

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