Judging This Bollywood Actress Makes Her Upset

Its sad to know that fans judges their fav Actresses or Actors. Here is what this Bollywood diva is upset, she is Taimur’s Mother Kareena Kapoor Khan, who gets upset when she is being judged over something. This Bollywood actress never stopped during her pregnancy from attending events, parties, lunches and what all not. She even blossomed the red carpet with her baby bump that too like a boss.

After the birth of Baby Taimur Ali Khan, she made a public appearances right after the delivery. For which many tongues were wagging. she was judged by the people, people commented that she should spent some time with her new born instead of stepping out without him.

She made many Public Appearences and she never stopped hanging out with her group. Kareena;’s best Friend Amrita Arora posted many pictures along with ‘Bebo’ of their lunch or parties, here you can give it a look,

Theeeee girl gangggggg🍷😘❤️Merry xmas 🎁🙏🏼🍷😘❤️N we are backkk👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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Yeahhhh baby😘❤️🙏🏼

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Xmas tidings! precious girls forevez 💃🏼😘❤️🍷#myhome #homehouseclub

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#terracenights #home #noplacelikehome

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In an interview with Bombay Time bebo opened about the people’s Judgement here is what she said,

Yes, I was out after a few days after the delivery, but it’s sad to have people judging you for it. No one has the right to comment on how I put myself or what sort of a mommy I am. Everyone seems to have an opinion. Postpartum depression is not a must, right? How can anyone decide on my behalf whether I am supposed to feel upset or if I can step out before 45 days?

She further added,

As a husband and wife, we don’t share details of our lives with the world. So, I will not tell what we do, how I plan to lose weight or what I do with my baby. I enjoyed my pregnancy and I will enjoy my life on my ways. What kind of a mommy I am is something that will disclose with time. I will not scream from top about experiencing motherhood or how much I love my baby Taimur. There’s always the pressure of being judged, no matter. It’s about how you deal with it.

Kareena Kapoor khan will next be seen in Veera di Wedding along with Sonam Kapoor and Swara Bhaskar as lead, directed by Shashank Ghosh.

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