The Judge Got Suspended As He Granted The Bail For Samajwadi Leader Gayatri Prajapati

A Lucknow court judge has been suspended by the Allahabad High Court which is questioned the ‘pace’ shown in granting the bail to rape accused to the leaders of Samajwadi Party and UP former Minister Gayatri Prajapati.

The leader Gayatri Prajapati who is 49 years old is accused of raping a woman and also attempt of raping her minor daughter, by a special judge the bail is granted by the POCSO court Om Prakash Mishra on Tuesday. The bail was reclaimed by the Yogi-Adityanath-led state government in the High Court.

‘Until further orders; the bail is put on hold on Friday, Dilip B Bhosale the Chief Justice said, "I may however observe that the manner in which the learned judge has shown the rush in releasing the accused on bail ignoring the offence supposedly committed by the prisoner accused and the fact that the crime came to be registered against these accused by virtue of the order of the Supreme Court dated 17/2/2017.I have my reservations about the bonafides/intention of the learned judge who is about to retire on 30/4/2017."

Gayatri Prajapati tried to mislead the courts by concealing facts is said by the High Court. The Government and the former minister told the court, had stated in his bail application that he had no criminal case pending against him but there were six cases, in fact, that were still pending.

In the state capital Lucknow Gayatri Prajapati was arrested last month after break of over two weeks: he was even missing in the middle during the campaign of the UP assembly election after the Supreme Court ordered the state police to file a case against Gayatri Prajapati on the plea of a woman that the minister had, along with 6 other men, in October the gang-raped her and attempted to rape her 16-year-old daughter.

The other 6 people who raped were named by the police in the case and have already been arrested. Out of six, two includes the Gayatri Prajapati close attendant and a security guard.

From Amethi the senior Samajwadi Party leader Gayatri Prajapati has lost the assembly election, the constituency Gayatri Prajapati has won last time.

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