Journalist ‘Unintentionally’ Gropes Women On Live TV, Gets Slapped

Although reporting on live TV, things can get out of control pretty fast and BBC's Ben Brown knows that better than anybody. On Tuesday, the anchorperson was interviewing his teammate Norman Smith in Bradford, England when a beaming woman entered the shot and stood beside him. The woman gave a thumbs up and mouthed, "absolutely fantastic". But what happened next was far from ridiculous.

As he possibly tried to move her out of the flounce, the journalist's hand landed, er... where it shouldn't have. The shocked woman evacuated but not without a good whack on Mr Brown's shoulder.


On Twitter many criticised the journalist for pushing away the woman. Few gaurded him saying it could have been unintentional.


The reporters were discussing Labour Party's manifesto dispatch when the incident happened. She walked out of the frame right after the incident and the two continued their discussion.

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