Jose Mourinho Labels Celta Vigo Encounter The Biggest Match In Manchester United’s History

Manager Jose Mourinho has upped the pressure on his Manchester United team by labelling the UEFA Europa League semi-final second leg versus Celta Vigo as the biggest match in the club's history.

The Red Devil’s hold a slender 1-0 advantage ahead of the reverse fixture at Old Trafford thanks to striker Marcus Rashford's free-kick in Vigo last week.

With Manchester United struggling to secure a top-four place in the English Premier League, winning the Europa League is increasingly becoming their best route into next season's UEFA Champions League.

"I think in terms of motivation, we are even," Mourinho said. "For Celta it is, in their words, the most important match of their history.

"And my feelings, it's also the most important match of our history. It doesn't matter what happened before, it doesn't matter how many big matches we played before.

"What matters is the next one and the next one is [on Thursday], so I don't believe Celta dreams more than us, that Celta wants more than us.

"I really don't believe so - in this aspect I don't think there will be a difference between both teams.”

"I am not thinking about myself," he added. "I am thinking about the club and I am thinking about the players. For the club it will be very important to be again in a European final. 

"It would be very important to fight for the only trophy the club has never won before. 

"For the prestige and the finance, the Champions League is the Champions League. For myself and the players, the Champions League is the Champions League. 

"If you are not there, it is because you are not good enough. If we do not go to the final, if we play in the Europa League next season, it is because we are not good enough. So maybe it is the step we need to take.

"If we win, then it means we are strong enough to go to the final. The Champions League is the competition we want to be in. I want to focus on where we are. Nobody has more motivation than I have to try to win.

"But no-one else did it before so it will be very important for the club and the players. We will fight hard. It's been a long journey, it is match number 14 in the Europa League, and we are going to fight hard.""We have a little group with European success – Wayne Rooney and Michael Carrick are the English boys who have been a long time in the club plus also there is Juan Mata.

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