John Cena Finally Proposes To Nikki Bella On ‘Wrestlemania’

There’s plenty of violence at Wrestlemania, however there was conjointly a large amount of affection within the encampment World sports stadium in city. John Cena, 39, proposed to his girlfriend, Nikki Bella, 33, at the national event, truely sound the question within the ring.

After they crushed Miz and Maryse within the ring, John took the mic for a special moment. He unconcealed that once Nikki was kooky during her neck surgery, he then asked her one question, knowing she wouldn’t keep in mind. “I said, Do you recognize, in some unspecified time in the future I’m gonna marry you? You aforementioned, ‘Yes.’ I simply want you to mention affirmative an added time,” he aforementioned to her before coitus interrupts the ring. With that, he got down on one knee and proposed… and both aforementioned affirmative, with tears in their eyes.

While Nikki and John are along since 2012, he’s invariably been hesitant to induce married thus it will come back as a big shock to many, their disagreement on the subject has truly been a plot in multiple episodes of Total Divas.

In 2009, John married his high school sweetheart, Elizabeth Huberdeau, however it resulted in a mussy divorce, 3 years later in April 2016, he unconcealed that whereas he and Nikki had a good relationship, he wasn’t designing on wedding ever.

He Said,“Look, i do know I cannot handle raising a toddler. It’s like with the dog. My biggest issue to Nicole concerning the dog was: Love dogs, however I can’t contribute to taking care of 1. I don’t have the time,” he told Rolling Stone magazine. “And simply because everybody else is proud of kids doesn’t mean that’s however I actually have to measure. I’ve been direct concerning this. I simply have things i would like to induce done. It’s not negotiable. We’ve been to medical care over it. I don’t suppose it'll ever be over with. I’m stubborn as fu-k and intensely egotistical likewise. I don’t wish children, I don’t wish wedding. That’s American state simply language, ‘Hey, this is often my life and this is often however I’m getting to live.'”

Well apparently one thing modified. Concerning six months later Nikki headed on The Real and revealed she had a sense John would be proposing. “The past year he’s truly talked that he’s ready for wedding, thus in fact my hopes go approach through the roof,” she said throughout a visit to The Real. “I desire each moment I’m looking forward to it — it’s been my birthday, it’s been associate day of remembrance.”

Are you excited they’re finally engaged? 

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