Is Demonetisation The Star Behind BJP Potential Win

Journalists on media are debating whether  the reason for immense support of people to BJP is demonetisation.  And was it wrong for congress to question demonetization, ask journalists.

There is a debate regarding the historic vote gains by BJP in UP and Uttrakhand, by 307 seats in UP and 55 seats in Uttrakhand. The question is if BJP wins, will it be because of the step taken by PM Modi.

Election UP Graphmodi to erode the black money and reduce corruption.  Many says this is because poor people are suffering from many years no matter which party ruled they have little or no gain from that party,  only at the time of elections they feel any change will come but till the time results are out,  nothing new is being implemented as there are many previous matters to look upon.

But with the 11 Nov 2016 incident in the Country, people felt that there is someone who is working for poor people and will give them the required living standards by providing equality.
Irrespective of many critics many people are taking demonetization as a Positive outcome or hope to make India a better place.  People are seeing it as a short term pain which will provide long term results.  Many even have no idea what and how it will work but they are supporting because they need change.

And Congress is not having enough votes as they have raised many questions against the demonization,  Rahul Gandhi in his every speech criticised the step and saying its of no use and  will increase the pain of poor families who have no account in banks.  But now only these people went out of their houses and voted BJP in a very impressive and unexpected manner.

PM Modi is seen as a blessing for the country to take it to another level and making every step towards the development.  BJP is creating history by having  2/3 seats in UP and that’s  a call for the change.

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