Iran Will Ask “No one’s Permission To Build Missiles : Iran President

President Hassan Rouhani said on Saturday that Iran will ask “no one’s permission” to build up its arm forces, missiles and aircrafts". According to sources this can be a response to US efforts to hamper the Iranian military.

As back in times US President Donald Trump had criticised the nuclear deal with Iran and reportedly said that he would stop Iran’s missile programme. After Iran test-fired a new ballistic missile in January, Trump tweeted that it was “playing with fire”.

Mr. Rouhani will face election in May where he hopes to secure a second four-year term, Rouhani has also agreed to curb Iran’s nuclear programme in exchange for the lifting of sanctions.

Addressing an event Mr. Rouhani said Iran has never had “aggressive aims, but peace is not a one-way road and if we decide to be peaceful the other party ... may not. So there is a need for vigilance.”

For the election side the campaign set to start on April 28 and the vote on May 19 in Iran.

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