Instructions Of DO’s And Don’ts By PM Modi On Breakfast Meet

Today morning In Parliament House there was a meeting of MLA's with PM Narendra Modi and Amit shah. They had a discussion and enjoyed Indian delicacies.

Around 71 MLA's were present there and discussed the matters with PM Modi where he disclosed the do's and don'ts of some issues. He said let New CM of UP work accordingly  and instructed the MLAs that they should not install work ideas from new CM Yogi Adityanath.

After, what not to do, PM Modi also announced a to-do list at the breakfast which was attended by nearly all the BJP's 71 members of parliament from Uttar Pradesh. The MLAs are going to get busy planning the BJP's agenda for the general election which is  just two years away and expected to come up with new ideas and Palns to tackle the truffle situations.  For this, the PM sought suggestions for pro-poor policies, a large component of the recent UP victory. While some MPs stressed and suggested the need to upgrade the primary health care system and education while  others proposed improvement in rail services in rural areas.

After the meeting was over Vinay Katiyar, a member of the Rajya Sabha, said, "There is going to be no let up. At any time, some part of the country is heading towards elections. And that's why the party has to remain in constant election mode."

All Members present there enjoyed Indian delicacies like Aloo puri,  Sabji parothas and Jalebi.
The party is looking forward for many plannings to make their agenda great on papers as well as implementations

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