INS Viraat “Grand Old Lady Of India” Might Be In A Museum After Being Decommissioned

INS VIRAAT - When it comes to glory and pride Indian army, navy or airforce have lot of emotions within it. Not only in the field of Ground battle where Indian forces have proved themselves but in the above ground as well as on water bodies. But when the time comes to do farewell or to say Good bye to their old mate, every one’s heart become heavy, emotional rushes starts in their bodies because they have some memories attached to each and every moment with the mate they had served with.

Now this time is for INS Viraat as it is going to be decommissioned from it’s service after serving the nation for 29 years on 6th March 2017. Born in 1959 November INS Viraat is one of the oldest aircraft carrier in the world's history of Naval operations i.e. 58 years.HMS Hermes was the first name given to this aircraft carrier which had served Royal Navy for 27 years. This Indian Navy’s pride was bought for Rs 31,000 crores and commissioned to Indian Navy in the year 1987 and was given its new name “INS VIRAAT”. This battle ship was supposed to work for only 5 years but because of constant repairs and upgradations, it worked so long and became the pride of Indian Navy.

Viraat 2
This old lady had served or spent around 2250 days at sea sailing  of 10,94,215 Kms(5,88,288 NM). It still holds the world record for being the oldest serving naval vessel in the books of Guinness world record.

The first operation of this Naval Ship was in July 1989 as a part of Indian Peace Keeping Operations in Sri Lanka named “Operation Jupiter”. Another key role of it was in the “Operation Parakram” followed after the terrorists attack on Parliament House. It had also played a pivotal role in “Operation Vijay” by creating a blockade wall against Pakistan in the war of Kargil in the year 1999. INS Viraat was commanded by 3 officers when it was working and later on those commanders rose upto the Chief of Indian Navy.

Her last sail was in the year 2016, 23rd July from Mumbai to Kochi port. After that its boilers, engines, propellers and rudders were removed. Then it was towed back to Mumbai port for the decommissioning ceremony.

A ceremony held in which saying proper “Adieu” to THE GRAND OLD LADY.

The future of it still remains uncertain as the old INS Vikrant was sold away as scrap. The decision is yet to be made as Andra Pradesh wants Viraat to turn into a museum so that people can feel the glory of it.INS Viraat evokes loyality and emotions.

Facts About 'Grand Old Lady' that made India Proud:

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