India’s Oldest Political Party Has Plunged Into “Introspection”, Rahul Gandhi Is being Questioned.

After the historic victory of BJP,  it left the Congress with no place in Assembly elections 2017 and in 4 states, BJP formed government, sources reported that India's oldest political party has plunged into "introspection."

From last few years this party is not performing as it used to perform.  And the president Rahul Gandhi is often questioned about the decline in the performance of party. The president-ship of Rahul Gandhi is questioned many timea and now many ministers are demanding to know what the Congress survival plan is.

"We have started introspection and a Congress working committee will be held soon," said Sonia Gandhi's deputy and son Rahul Gandhi, whose leadership has been questioned after the party's most recent performance decline.

There has been no meeting yet of the Congress Working Committee to assess the faults in performance. Rahul Gandhi said soon after the election results that structural and organizational changes are required to revive the party. But he has not followed that up with any kind of action.

Questions have been raised on Mr Gandhi's leadership with the Congress failing to take on the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi effectively. There have been claims regarding that Mr Gandhi is not being able to connect with the people and that can be one of the reason.

In Goa too where the BJP formed government by taking the support of small regional parties even though the Congress had won more seats, is one of the signs of poor performance.

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