An Indian Man Abused And Assaulted In Australia

In Hobart City of Australia,  a 33-year-old man was abused and assaulted by five teenagers in an restaurant of McDonalds. Li Max Joy, is an Indian immigrant from Kerela,  he is an nursing student and a part-time taxi driver.

He reported that the group who attacked him was already upset from one of the McDonald's employee and were arguing with them, he was there to have a cup of coffee and when he was returning the group surrounded him and alleged said random and abusing words like " You bloody black Indians" and started to attack Mr Joy in the car parking of North Hobart. The group included one girl and four boys.

"The police have made no serious effort to tackle the situation and find the culprits" said Mr. Joy and also added "Many such incidents are happening but people don't consider to complain".

This event is second event which is reported to be the hate crime against Indians in Australia within a weak. On 19 March one of the Catholic priest, also from Kerala , was stabbed in church of Melbourne. The attacker was further arrested and charged with attempt to murder.

After being discharged from hospital Mr. Joy reported the whole incident to the police of Australia but no strict action is been taken.

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