Indian Eatery In United Kingdom Hit After ‘Human Meat’ Gag: Report

An Indian restaurant in the United Kingdom could be forced to shut down after a fake news report declaring it serves human meat went viral on Facebook, according to a press report.


Shinra Begum, the holder of 'KarriTwist' in south east London, said people have exposed to vandalise the building and police officers have been called in.


Despite, the article originated from a prank news site where unidentified users can submit their own bigus news before sharing the stories on social media, reported yesterday.
"One person said he would have broken the windows if our shutters weren't up. One member of the public did report it to the police. It has greatly affected our business. We have had people call us up telling us how dare you serve us human meat. If it wasn't happening to me I would laugh about it," the owner said.


“Even though the article, consisting of just a single paragraph, was littered with spelling and grammatical errors, people believed it was true," she added.



The story read: "Last night Indian restaurant owner Rarjan Patel was arrested for using human meat in his food recipes at his New Cross Restaurant, it is said that a total of 9 human body's were found frozen ready to be processed for meat, Rarjan Patel remains in custody for further questioning whilst the restaurant has been closed down."
The antic news site contains a number of fake stories, including bogus reports claiming people have died and that certain individuals are paedophiles.

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