India Is Ready To Welcome Justin Bieber

The promising boy of pop, Justin Bieber comes to the showbiz capital of India in May and he's celebrating for a while week.... And performing of course.

"Namaste India, examine you on May 10th at DY Patil stadium, told the exuberant message from Justin Bieber, ratifying his landing exclusively to us.

The grandstand at the stadium situated in Nerul, Mumbai is a part of the intention World Tour 2017. Mumbai will one of the major and three Asian to performs the Justin Bieber's concerts. The other two are Tel Avis ( Israel ) and Dubai ( UAE ).

Justin Bieber's (Image Courtesy: Instagram)
Justin Bieber's (Image Courtesy: Instagram)

As reported by authority, The Canadian singer will travel in with an followers of 150 people, containing back up dancers and choreographers. As his planned week - long stay, the pop star is" charged about doing the typical touristy things" told the authority.

"Aside from Mumbai, he'll stay in New Delhi and Jaipur for expedition. The coordinaters are putting together a indefinite itinerary that'll include a visit to a movie set, somelocal shopping and observing places of historical interest, plus meet and welcome with A - list musicians and actors," The Authority told us.

The coordinators would reach out one of the Khan's of Bollywood or the Ambani family to moderate a majestic welcome party for the singer.

Tickets to Justin Bieber concert go on auction from February 22, and are estimated from Rs 4,000.

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